Unblocked.Life Workshop

Here’s what Begin With Ourselves in Mind attendees say they liked most:

  • “really enjoyed this space and time with you”
  • “wonderful presenter”
  • energy of speaker”
  • “the flow and organization of the workshop, and very practical way to begin to implement changes in one’s life”
  • “presenter’s warm and relaxed demeanor”

Here’s what Begin With Ourselves in Mind attendees say they will start as a result of the workshop:

  • “being more intentional about mapping out a pathway to fulfillment”
  • weighing in weekly with trainer”
  • “clearing the chaos”
  • thinking more explicitly about goals & making plans, outlining steps, setting times”
  • to exercise more regularly & to sit still and cultivate a meditation practice”

Here’s what Begin With Ourselves in Mind attendees say they will stop doing as a result of the workshop:

  • “sabotaging myself”
  • “trying to do more. Just doing it smarter”
  • becoming overwhelmed”
  • “living life as it’s thrown at me. Stop being reactive”
  • thinking so much and just start doing”
  • “being such a fraidy-cat!”

Unblocked.Life™ Check-In

I asked two friends who join me in an Unblocked.Life™ Check-In (we just had our 69th monthly teleconference in a row!) to share my main attributes. In their own words:

  • Supportiveyou encircle those you care about with support. You give freely of yourself and truly enjoy seeing others blossom and succeed. You use your vast network to help others.
  • Trustworthywhen you say you are going to do something you do it. People can totally depend on you. You are protective of those you are working with and loyal. I know that anything I tell you will be kept confidential.
  • Persistentyou stick with a project until it is completed. You stick with a person and work with them to help them achieve their best. You don’t give up and you don’t let up if you feel there is more a person can do to achieve their goals, but you do it in a supportive way.
  • High-energy
  • Encouraging and empowering drill-sergeantin a good way; unrelenting faith in your ability to achieve more.
  • Idealisticwants to help you achieve the best possible thing you can do and has high expectations for you.
  • Fun

Those are nice adjectives. And, I appreciate them. Deeply.

And, this is what they shared about our monthly calls:

  • “Our monthly phone calls have been a source of pleasure, encouragement, and inspiration. They’ve been a non-threatening space to share doubts and setbacks. They’ve been a series of mini goalposts. They’ve been something to help me feel legitimate and productive even when encountering setbacks that seemed permanent. They’ve also helped me refine my own ideas, goals, and purpose. They’ve been a source of inspiration, both by receiving direct encouragement from [you two] and by sharing your developing projects and watching you both manage ups and downs.”
  • “Our calls have helped to keep me on track. At times when I wasn’t able to pursue my goals you were still there for me. You didn’t judge me, you encouraged me. You always had ideas or contacts that could be helpful to me. When I achieved something I was pursuing you were enthusiastic about my success. You [two] encouraged me to try new avenues when I was stuck. You also shared your successes and failures so I never felt alone. Our calls were a safe place to be open and honest about how each of us was progressing or not progressing There was never any judgment, just support and constructive help.”