Unreachable Goal? Don’t Give Up. Sit With It.

Time To Read: 3 mins


When some project feels too big, do you stall, drop it, or take a step forward?

When the vision of what you want is so far off in the distance from where you stand today, you can feel like you’ll never get there. It can be difficult to find the motivation and energy to start. There is too much to learn and get right, and it seems too easy to fail and disappoint.

You may feel like you don’t have enough will to power through or the right stuff to get to where you want to go.

Don’t beat yourself up. Definitely don’t give up.

Sit with it. Bide your time.

Let that vision stand over there. Let it be. Dress it up. And ask yourself,

How badly do I want that?

Reflect on this question. Check in with yourself periodically and gauge how you respond.

Try not to despair if you find this questioning to last for days, months, or even years, punctuated by great enthusiasm, uncertainty, and then quiet. It’s okay. Continue reading “Unreachable Goal? Don’t Give Up. Sit With It.”