Stuck in a Rut? Shift Your Focus.

Time To Read: 2 mins


Stuck? Feet glued to the floor? Unable to move forward? There are some things for some of us that are just tough to get started on.

Let’s say you’ve been stuck in your current job for a while now and you haven’t had much positive momentum. Your performance reviews haven’t been awful—more lackluster in quality. You see your colleagues starting new positions, leading new projects, and thriving.

You haven’t exactly made your wishes known to your supervisor or manager that you are interested in earning more or taking on more responsibility because you know you haven’t followed her advice in the past to do what in her eyes needs to get done like publish more, form more valuable strategic relationships, lead a few committees, or the like.

You feel both resistant to these suggestions and a bit of self-loathing for not taking the initiative to make the case that you deserve a promotion or to be considered for a plum position.

You’re stuck and in a rut. Continue reading “Stuck in a Rut? Shift Your Focus.”