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I offer workshops, regular accountability check-in’s, consulting services to organizations, and coaching for individuals.

If you are seeking clarity, wanting change, and needing inspiration,  I can help you.

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Begin With Ourselves in Mind™: An Unblocked.Life™ Workshop

During this three hour workshop, I aim to spark your self-awareness and tap into what you most wish for yourself.

My ideal workshop attendee is someone who is seeking clarity, wanting change, and needing inspiration.

The sequence of exercises, stories, and facts in this workshop will engage your whole brain to do the deep dive kind of thinking that will help crystallize your self-awareness and tap into what you most wish for yourself.

I share my insights gleaned from available research, my own experience, and what has worked for others to provide inspiration for you to design and embark on your personal leadership journey.

By getting our own lives in alignment, by leading ourselves on our own personal leadership journey, we can become more effective leaders elsewhere–the kind that others wish to follow.

At this workshop, you will:

  • Give attention to how you wish to be
  • Understand the key steps to take on your personal leadership journey
  • Commit to concrete actions in beginning this journey

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Deep Dive into the Key Steps of Your Personal Leadership Journey: An Unblocked.Life™ Workshop

In this three hour follow on workshop to Begin With Ourselves in Mind™, I serve as your guide in digging deep into the key steps of your personal leadership journey and exploring in more detail the Why, What, and How of your journey.

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Unblocked.Life™ Check-In

For past Unblocked.Life™ workshop attendees, I offer monthly, hour-long teleconferences (much like mastermind groups for entrepreneurs) to help hold yourself accountable and stay motivated in pursuit of your must do. 

I match you with one or two other people (feel free to recruit your workshop friends to join) in creating your own Unblocked.Life™ Check-In.

The benefits are tangible and the friendships formed are deep.

Read testimonials here.

If you’re interested, please contact me at: .  and we’ll go from there.

Other services

I offer consulting services to organizations and coaching to individuals on leadership, collaboration, and public speaking.

For organizations, I can help you strategize and think through the kind of leadership development program that will help your organization thrive in the future.

For individuals, targeted coaching can help make more concrete the personal actions that you can take to unblock self-sabotaging behaviors.  As one attendee wrote in a follow up email to me, “Most people know what they need to do, but are consistently flummoxed by their inability to do it!”

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I look forward to inspiring you to begin your personal leadership journey and Be The Leader You Wish To See™.

Just begin.


Founder, The Unblocked Life

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