Ask for Feedback? Skip It.

Time To Read: 2 mins


Avoid the Buzzkill. Have you ever regretted asking for feedback? I have. And, I’ve now learned when I shouldn’t.

When I’ve been excited about an idea and it’s gotten legs, sometimes when I share it with even a loved one, I might get a response that’s not what I expect.

Instead of interest and a back and forth that feels expansive, I might immediately get “helpful” advice or worse, skepticism.

There’s nothing more disappointing.

That’s straight up buzzkill. Continue reading “Ask for Feedback? Skip It.”

Don’t Go Down That Rabbit Hole: Begin With Your Idea

Time To Read: 3 mins


The wrong question. Have you felt stymied when asked the wrong question? I have.

When I’ve had the courage to share an idea that I’ve come up with I might get the question, “What’s your target market?”

This question is a reasonable one. What drives this question is who will “purchase” this idea of yours.

It’s a fair question. And, the underlying rationale is don’t invest any time in this idea UNTIL you can identify that target market and know what customers in that market want and develop the idea to fit those tastes.

But that question is the wrong one. Continue reading “Don’t Go Down That Rabbit Hole: Begin With Your Idea”

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