A Few Thoughts


On Hospitality. I am a firm believer in hospitality. What I mean by hospitality is creating an environment where my guests feel comfortable in their own skin enough to relax and enjoy themselves.

For the workshops that I design and lead, this means that I aim to create an environment where I help you let down your guard and lower your resistance to what the workshop is intended to accomplish—increasing your self-awareness and spurring you to take action.

Or, another way to think of my approach is, I try to slow down your left brain and excite your right brain so that your whole brain is engaged to do the deep dive kind of thinking necessary to help you figure out what your personal journey is for you at this point in time.

On Leadership. I agree that we all can lead without being formally tagged as “the leader.” The thing that I focus on is leading ourselves in order to, or before we can effectively, lead others on a project, in a startup, or to fulfill an important government agency mission.

Think about that for a moment.

To attract followers to take our lead we must show them that we are living a life that is in balance, that is genuine, and that is meaningful.

We are the walking models of what we preach.

So I say, “by focusing in, we can lead out.” I call it,

“Begin With Ourselves in Mind™” and “Be the Leader You Wish to See™”.

By getting our own lives in alignment, by leading ourselves on our own personal leadership journey, we can become more effective leaders elsewhere—the kind that others wish to follow.